Saturday, April 07, 2007

SAAS powered BPM-modeling for the traveling consultants...

Yes, I know, I am behind! I should have been blogging day 2 and 3 of the BPM summit. And I will, hopefully over Easter. Ouch, times flies, and I am in the final stage of a interesting BPM design phase, which was taking a lot of my time.

Anyway, a short post on new thoughts about the new SAAS development (or BPM ASP).
The SAAS for BPM concept is quite simple: provide a good BPM modelling tool, over the web. The process repository is hosted somewhere safe, no tools or databases needed on your PC's.
Two vendors that I know of now are working on delivering it: Appian (Appian Anywhere) and Lombardi's Blueprint. Others will follow, I expect.

Now for consultants working a lot on the road, at different projects, with different PC setups, this could actually be a great tool. How many times we have had situations where we needed to model complex processmodels really quickly, while either working on our own laptop (not connectable to client network, no printing, no sharing) or working on PC's provided by client with of course no BPM modelling tools (well, apart from Powerpoint...). Ouch. And most of these companies take 2 weeks and endless signatures to fix either the laptops or have BPM software installed (if they even have it).

So I see a new trend: "White Label" BPM SAAS, where consultancies companies can create their own labeled BPM modelling tools (oh, and while we are at it, throw in some organisation and Business/Information architecture modelling as well!). A nice collaborative environment, where projects can be set-up within 5 minutes and go.... The result: less Powerpoint frustration, productivity and collaboration + great tools to facilitate the complex tasks of process analysis, decisions and design..... And not to forget: a view for the our clients (RSS?!) on deliverables and progress.

My wishlist:
- Browser based, no added stuff needed.
- Create models and model-hierarchies
- Multi-user
- Version control and tracking
- Assign ownership to different model-area's (who can do what)
- RSS feeds and other update alerts on process changes
- Ability to log and discuss process questions and issues + resolutions
- Tool to extract everything in XPDL/BPDM
- Ok, tool to extract complete proces repository as some type of Office document (for easy off-line review and delivery)
- Ability to "tap into" a certain model/design session and see the live changes occur (when working in groups) and do some time of direct messaging/discussion online.

I think I will start talking to my employer :-)

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