Saturday, September 22, 2007

Being goal and result oriented

Today I saw an add, with a sentence that lingered for a while:
"Innovation is an illusion, until you actually do something about it".

I remember, while studying, that I read the excellent book by Goldratt, "The Goal", about the Theory of Constraints. The thing that stuck was actually a more basic concept: whatever you do, be aware how it relates to your overal goal. Something that in modern management sometimes is called Alignment.

I have been involved with many projects and transformations, and I have always tried this. When I was still more involved into IT/software development, my motto was: "In the end, it's about working software for a happy business".
To my surprise in many situations, I had to fight for this motto. The countless meetings, email conversations and phone conferences where people forgot what we were really striving for, it is amazing.

So, ask yourself: what is it that you REALLY try to achieve. What's your goal?
Are you in IT development? Working software, for a happy business!
Are you in IT support? Working software and empowered users, for a happy business
Are you in process improvement? Better processes!
Are you in change? Real change!

All the rest, the blabla, the politics, the countless reports, the discussions, sure - they are often needed. But they are not the goal. So make sure - know your goal, and, whatever you do, ask yourself - is it helping us forward to our goals?

What's you goal? And what are you doing? Aligned?

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dismanmex said...

Roeland, if you're serious about transformation, and The Goal left a good aftertaste, then you should read Dead Boss, Great Boss
or Great-Boss-Dead-Ray-Immelman/dp/0974036919