Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just attended the virtual eBizq seminar

I just attended the eBizq virtual seminar on BPM.
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Fun! And a great way to network, meet people and find information on BPM (although the number of vendor booths is not a bit low).

The presentations and webcasts will be available soon, which is nice, because I missed the first two parts (tip for Ebizq: publish not only the starttime US based, but also the time for people in other time zones ;-)).

He, and my question on collaborative BPM was even answered in the final panel. Nice, although the first speakers sticked too much to the casemanagement, 1 person handling tasks view of BPM technology. I am still looking for collaborative BPM (or HIMS) which can support process-fragments supporting people working concurrenly together on a certain process task (be it deciding, researching, issue-resolution, planning, whatever). See - most processes are partly structured (and can be supported by WFM), partly casemanagement, and some parts are just a total adhoc bunch of people running around, meeting and deciding.... collective intelligence at it's best, but hopefully supported by great BPM features in the future.

The virtual environment was a bit limited (chat rooms that echo-ed of emptyness, and booth chats with vendors, where people did not answer...hmmm).
But it saved me a lot of flying :-)


Peter said...

Excellent post, Roeland (it probably doesn't hurt that I'm the editor over at ebizQ).

But yes indeed, our Process Management virtual conference went great, and we had a lot of great participation as well.

Been looking over your blog, and I like what I see. Any interest in blogging for ebizQ? Contact me at to discuss further.

Pete said...

Tried to comment on this over the weekend, but it doesn't look like it showed up (if that was intentional, then this will be my last post).

But I just wanted to say thanks for blogging about the ebizQ virtual conference, and yes, we're looking to make some definite improvements on the webinar (airline food certainly doesn't have to be one of them).

But I'm reading through your blog, and I like what I read, and am very interested whether you are interested in becoming an ebizQ BPM blogger. If you do, please contact me at and we can pursue it further.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.