Thursday, January 29, 2009

BRM - not: BR projects!

As I am involved in trying to define, design and implement "business rules governance" (in terms of events, processes, roles, responsibilities, products, etc), I am amazed how tool focused the world currently is (both in rules and BPM).
Checking most vendors site's reveal most of them have "methodologies" to implement their tools, mainly on a project basis. But no word on what type of processes and governance you need when the project has ended.
I find that strange: agility comes after the project, and you will need more than a tool.
Additional confusing factor: that most vendors, when asked about "Business Rules Management" start talking about features in their tools.

I saw the same thing in the BPM market, but slowly, very slowly, BPM technology vendors start understanding the BPM is a management discipline credo, and see that features are there to support process governance processes.....


Doug Golden said...

I had a similar critique back in 2005 which I posted on James Taylor's blog. He responded with an interesting blog post that may be helpful to you.

James Taylor said...

This is one of the reasons I talk about decision management as an approach - BRM has become too tied to technology.
That said I think the BRM vendors have done a lot of thinking about rule governance and management and in some ways have exceeded the BPM vendors in this area

James Taylor
CEO Decision Management Solutions
Blog:JT on EDM