Saturday, December 09, 2006

BPM - They are all doing it...

While wandering around organizations, it strikes me time after time...

There are process analysts, that are modeling business processes, because the accountant pushed the business manager that it was needed (think - compliance)
There are expensive consultants that are modeling processes, because a CEO wants to assess sourcing options
There are business people, that are modeling business processes, because the workforce needs support - knowledge what to do when.
There are architects that are designing process architectures. Because, uhm, they like pictures and want to reduce complexity, understand the here & now and plan for the future
There are business analysts, that model processes, to understand and define requirements for various applications
And... there are developers, working on a SOA (or legacy app), which has process aware elements, and they are modeling and coding a process (in code, or in a service orchestration BPMS).

See the overlap? We basically have 6 groups (sometimes more, sometimes less), doing proces modelling. All from different angles, all storing results in different tools.
Let's call these process silo's.
What a waste...

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