Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(Dutch) Onderzoek "BPM in Nederland - 2008" : resultaten beschikbaar

(This is a dutch message about the availability of the Dutch results of a BPM survey we ran earlier this year).

Eerder dit jaar berichtte ik over het onderzoek dat Hogeschool Utrecht en Capgemini hebben gedaan rond BPM in Nederland. De resultaten van dit onderzoek zijn inmiddels beschikbaar - het rapport kan aangevraagd worden op

Interessant leesmateriaal!

Enkele bevindingen:
- BPM krijgt groeiende aandacht
- Hoewel de meeste deelnemers BPM als een management discipline zien, wordt ook gesteld dat BPM nog teveel als IT wordt gezien
- BPM initiatieven redelijk succesvol
- BPM technologie met name nog gebruikt voor procesbeschrijving en publicatie (BPA)
- Tevredenheid over BPM technologie matig
- BPM trajecten hebben last van functionele organisatie/cultuur
- Organisaties die BPM willen toepassen zijn met name op zoek naar ondersteuning bij training

Meer bevindingen in het eindrapport. Veel leesplezier -

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Studying for OCEB fundamentals

I was lucky to become one of the beta-testers for the OMG's OCEB fundamental exam.

More info on:

A great refresh (well, to be honest - some new stuff!). And the nice thing - some of the new material I could immediately use in my work. For instance the BMM standard is a great framework for strategy and planning concepts. And Martyn Ould's book about BPM is a nice read, I like his tone of voice - I will probably not just read chapter one, but continue.

A fair amount of BPM area's is covered :

- Process concepts

- Process modelling (BPMN)

- Maturity (BPMM)

- Compliance (but a warning: very USA centric)

- Process performance - KPI's, goal setting, etc

- General MBA stuff on business concepts

- Six Sigma (very very basic)

Stuff that I miss (maybe in a more advanced level?):

- Change management

- BPM technology (including BAM, Rules, Document management interfacing)

- How to do BPM projects (from pure processwork to BPM technology)

- Other process improvement methods such as Lean, TOC

- The relation between BPM and Business/IT architecture

- Other "activity coordination" approaches besides orchestration & choreagraphy: case management, human interaction management, collaborative BPM

A tip: Don't underestimate the work - it's quite a lot of material.
A question: any other Dutch participants? Would be nice to become the first Dutch OCEB certified (ah, my ego again ;-))

Friday exam. Will let you know more... (well, as far as the quite strict NDA will allow me….)