Monday, November 10, 2008

Gosh - OCEB Fundamentals certified

41 and getting a diploma....

As a betatester, I got certified as OMG's OCEB Fundamentals Certified Expert in BPM. Tada...

I think it is a good enough certification program, which is aware of the many schools in BPM thinking. The more European/Dutch focus on Risk management ("AO/IC") is lacking a bit, but in the Business Intermediate this is covered better.

Not sure if I will do betatesting for the rest. For some reason, OMG seems to be really pushing the schedule. For the Fundamentals exam, I received the invitation on June 25th, and had to do the exam before july 25th. The results I received only recently. The Business Intermediate invitation I received on October 10th, with a deadline of November 14. And now the Technical Intermediate has a deadline of Dec 4th - 3 weeks after the deadline of Business Intermediate. While the amount of materials is growing and growing.

Hm.... BPM consultants are busy and have family lives... (or is that a European bias?)

But anyway, I seem to be the first Dutch OCEB certified... Or?