Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just attended the virtual eBizq seminar

I just attended the eBizq virtual seminar on BPM.
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Fun! And a great way to network, meet people and find information on BPM (although the number of vendor booths is not a bit low).

The presentations and webcasts will be available soon, which is nice, because I missed the first two parts (tip for Ebizq: publish not only the starttime US based, but also the time for people in other time zones ;-)).

He, and my question on collaborative BPM was even answered in the final panel. Nice, although the first speakers sticked too much to the casemanagement, 1 person handling tasks view of BPM technology. I am still looking for collaborative BPM (or HIMS) which can support process-fragments supporting people working concurrenly together on a certain process task (be it deciding, researching, issue-resolution, planning, whatever). See - most processes are partly structured (and can be supported by WFM), partly casemanagement, and some parts are just a total adhoc bunch of people running around, meeting and deciding.... collective intelligence at it's best, but hopefully supported by great BPM features in the future.

The virtual environment was a bit limited (chat rooms that echo-ed of emptyness, and booth chats with vendors, where people did not answer...hmmm).
But it saved me a lot of flying :-)