Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BPM Summit Day 1 - Observations

Pffff. How would you feel after a day at a congres about "Wordprocessing". Envision a congres hall, filled with 20 vendors. Each trying to talk to you, and show you their great product...
"In our app, you can type text and print it"
"Well, in ours you can type it and see it WSYIWYG!"
"Well, we work on all platforms"

Ok, now I know: BPM-Suites can model processes, execute them, measure them, and sometimes simulate them. Sure....
The key question: what's the differentiatior????

I remember Lean, where a lot of attention of going to the customer and the customer journey: what to do to fullfill your need.
My prediction: in the BPM market, it's going to be about understanding of the customer's business context, your professional services and training capabilities and your turn-around time to deliver real solutions, based on your track record.....
And for customer's it won't be easy to surf this vendor space.

Of course I can help :-)

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