Friday, October 26, 2007

Towards a new TLA: ITPM

Short post, it's late :-)

Interesting article at BPM enterprise about BPM for software development

What's missing is a key metric: the likelyhood/trackrecord that we deliver on scheduled date.

It's funny - all the effort in various software development methodologies.
In a way it's all (new TLA:) ITPM. IT Process management....

As a BA/BPM specialist, and 15 years of IT development/projectmanagement experience, it often happens that when starting on a new or running project, 20 - 40% of my time is actually spent on process improvement... in the project. E.g. implementing, structuring, refining and improving requirement management process, issue management, testing approach etc. :-).

Is your job also often ITPM?

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