Sunday, March 09, 2008

Process footprint - a new, green, element in BPM

Interesting - the link between BPM and the Green movement is there.

I stumbled on...

When definining and analysing processes I typically look at:
- Effectiveness/alignment with strategy
- Performance/Efficiency (cost, lead time, etc)
- Profitability
- Agility
- Compliance
- Customer satisfaction
- Employer satisfaction

I will add a new one: the environmental footprint of a process. As a logic extension of the efficiency - can we optimize the process in such a way, that we minimize the impact of environment..

For the dutch readers:
It made me realize that the COPAFIJTH abbrevation (see older post) for making sure all aspects of a change are thought through, needs an extension. Let's start talking about COMPAFIJTH! (Milieu as integral part of any change effort).

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