Monday, November 10, 2008

Gosh - OCEB Fundamentals certified

41 and getting a diploma....

As a betatester, I got certified as OMG's OCEB Fundamentals Certified Expert in BPM. Tada...

I think it is a good enough certification program, which is aware of the many schools in BPM thinking. The more European/Dutch focus on Risk management ("AO/IC") is lacking a bit, but in the Business Intermediate this is covered better.

Not sure if I will do betatesting for the rest. For some reason, OMG seems to be really pushing the schedule. For the Fundamentals exam, I received the invitation on June 25th, and had to do the exam before july 25th. The results I received only recently. The Business Intermediate invitation I received on October 10th, with a deadline of November 14. And now the Technical Intermediate has a deadline of Dec 4th - 3 weeks after the deadline of Business Intermediate. While the amount of materials is growing and growing.

Hm.... BPM consultants are busy and have family lives... (or is that a European bias?)

But anyway, I seem to be the first Dutch OCEB certified... Or?


Makarand Date said...

Congrats for your OCEB certification. Can you please share some details about the exam like

1) Number of questions and passing score
2) Which books did you refer to? I was planning to buy only one book from the list of recommended books. Which book would you recommend?
3) What would be the typical preparation time for the exam (for a Business Analyst with basic understanding of BPM)

Thanks in advance

Roeland Loggen said...

Sure, some details:
- As a beta tester, I think I got more questions. But the exam (as said on the OCEB websit, see has 90 multiple choice questions
- The material to be studied can also be found at the OMG OCEB website
- I spend about 40 - 60 hours studying.

Good luck!

Duhita Dharwadkar said...

Hi Roeland,
Congrats on your OCEB certification. I am a BPM Consultant and am interested in pursuing the same. Can you please let me know the fees for the Fundamental, Business Intermediate and Business advanced exams?

Roeland Loggen said...

I would suggest to check the OMG website itself.


Tony Devriendt said...

Hi Roeland,

Congratulations! I've been hearing some very positive comments on the Executive Master Class in Business Process Management, organised by Vlerick Management School in Belgium. I was told it would be a programme that unites BPM knowledge with enterprise management skilss. I think I will consider this to achieve an executive master certificate. Anyone else with some reactions on this master class programme? (fyi: Regards, Tony

Stefano said...

Me too got this OMG OCEB Fundamental certication and I´m waiting for the other OMG's certifications results...