Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sigh! Process as intervention is just not sexy...

I am jealous.
I see many types of interventions that management can choose to influence people behaviour in their company...

I see great workshops focused on culture, people doing fun-games at remote locations, deep and inspired discussions on values
I see managers working on mission, vision and strategy in expensive resorts, golfvenue around the corner
I see IT-systems being designed, and delivered, forcing people to follow the screens and workflows embedded in these systems, with all kinds of cool UI-widgets
I see budgets being given or denied
I see people in fun training
I see promotions, new hero-managers, with powerfull mandate
I see jobpromotions, jobdescriptions and evaluation cycles that will actually hit people in their wallet, with big bonusses for the right behaviour

And then there is us, process consultants, proudly showing the next swimminglane model and desperately trying to find someone to take process-responsibility...

How sexy and influencial is that??????

Can anyone help this disillusioned BPM-practioner with concrete examples of process-interventions that inspired, motivated, improved, e.g. sexy?????

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