Saturday, February 24, 2007

Late at night - a small Godel, Escher, Bach thought on BPM

Ok, it's late, going to bed soon.
But I got triggered by a small sentence on
stating "the need for a tool to “manage the process of process management.”

Hm. Question to all BPM-people: how is the business process management of our business process management efforts....

If I read the sentence, it's almost like getting yourself out of a swamp, by pulling your own hair (that's an old fairytale reference :-)).

But seriously, is it possible to...
- Model your process management efforts
- Execute them
- Measure them
- Improve them

What KPI's can we define for process management efforts?
- Nr of models completed...
- Cycle time per model...
- Complexity of delivered models...
- Cost per model
- Nr of process issues identified. Nr of solved.
- Nr of process improvement ideas identified. Nr of implemented.
- Delivered business case
- Average business case per improvement idea

A big question is: can we define a model for, say proces modelling?
And interesting - if people feel awkward here, and doubt about the possibility to model the process modelling effort, well, how do you think your stakeholders feel if you come to model their process???? Right.

Good night.

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