Friday, March 14, 2008

There must be 50 ways... to view your process

While working with quite of lot of different people in the area of business process management, I am starting to see the value of different viewpoints on various concepts.
One of these concepts is "process". And I want to share with you some of the views I have encountered. All of them have helped me to understand the concept of "process" in different ways, and (from time to time) have prevented me from blindness to certain factors.

Let's list them (and as always - I am very curious on other views you might have!)...
So... hop on the bus, gus!

1. As a transformation from input to output

2. As a operationalization of strategy ("great slides - but let's get to work")

3. As a series of events, activities and decisions (based on business rules)

4. As a social/antropological context for people working/playing together

5. As a means to delight a customer (or scare him/her away)

6. As some "trainable thing" that you can improve forever (faster, quicker, cheaper, better)

7. As something that can be ill, like a patient, and should be diagnosed and cured

8. As something for which you can define targets, then measure it, and steer it

9. As a means for intervention in human and systems activity

10. As a psychology domain, full of emotions, unconscious behaviours and interactions

11. As something (we think) we can model in a process diagram using graphical symbols such as BPMN.

12. As something that is way too complex and too adhoc to model usefully...

13. As something that allows various stakeholders to understand your business

14. As something that gives people context, clarity and safety

15. As something people sometimes cling to "this is the way we have always done it"

16. As something which has historically grown, but nobody can tell me why it is

17. As something you should automate as fast as possible, so you can fire all the people and save a lot of money

18. As something in which SOA/services can be orchestrated

19. Something you can label as best practice and copy to other organisations

20. As something that will always grow into complexity (following the rules of entropy)

21. As a series of resonsible people doing little things, that all added up define your competive edge

22. As something that is compliant to certain laws or certificationrules, or not...

23. As something that you can outsource (or view as your "core competency")

24. As something that can expose you to risk

Well, that's 24. Know more??

1 comment:

Shiva said...

As something that conveys things in motion, leading to change (good or bad)

As something that could be potentially misused to model any non-value adding activity (non-value adding from the perspective of the Process for eg, when trying to check the consistency & quality of master data during the execution of an Order-To-Cash business flow)